Effective cost:
Hubei is the main base of cotton in China, and Qianjiang is as one of main sources of gauze supply, so the material cost is competitive. Up-to-date processes and improved manufacturing facility allow us to streamline manufacturing while also vertically integrated with the weaving → bleaching → processing → packaging → warehousing → shipping, to keep the costs at the competitive level in the industry;

Quality guarantee: We constantly hold the pass of quality during the production from raw material to finished products and continue to expand investment on the improvement of the production entironment, inspection & test facility & quality trainning to ensure the continual development of Kingphar. Long-time manufacturing experience allows us to have more stable the quality management. We certified by ISO9002, EN460002, ISO13488, ISO13485 and CE start from 1998, and passed FDA factory audit.

Logistics Service: We supply timely and effective reply to the questions you are concerned and put forward. We will offer you all-around service, and provide with detailed report at any time, such as confirmation of order, production condition and shipping advice etc; For longterm stable customers, we also offer safety inventory in our warehouse based on the mutual agreement and/or confirmation.

Contract production: We provide specialized production of medical dressing for the customers. We also assist them to design & develop new and old products and resolve production difficulties. Through long time manufacturing experience and knowledge, we not only can meet you big demand, but higher quality, competitive cost and perfect services.